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Terms, Privacy & Confidentiality Policy

ELMEA Consulting commits itself to respecting the confidentiality of the personal data of its users. This Privacy Policy sets out how online data is collected and used.
By using this site or application, you expressly consent to the collection, use and transfer of your data as described hereafter in this Policy.
If you do not want your information to be processed in accordance with this Policy, you can send an email at:
We share information with final Clients. We are not able to control their use of your data. We do not control either the methods for using data from persons who may have access to your information on or through our sites or applications or ad networks and other third parties with whom we work to send you personalized advertising messages.

About the information that we collect

We collect information about you when you use our sites and applications. Depending on the services you use, the personal information we collect is for example:
Your name; your contact information, including your mailing address, email address and telephone number; your IBAN; information about your education, your job, your skills and your experience, your qualifications, clubs and associations to which you belong, your activities and interests; imported information by you or persons related to you from third-party applications; information about third parties, such as references or contacts, which you can provide to us with their express written consent; your post code, your preferences, your job, your personal history and your interests; your age, gender, racial or ethnic origin, wherever local law allows, and if you agree to provide such information.

If you connect from Linkedin or a similar site, we import the information you choose to share with us during the installation of the application or connection to this platform or this site, and we add them to your profile. However, you can control the visibility of your information through your privacy settings. You can also limit the accessible information by removing information or refraining from providing them.
By registering on ELMEA Consulting , managing your profile and giving your express consent when requested, you agree that we may use your information for the following purposes :
create a profile based on the information you have provided us with into our internal CRM, or third parties such as contacts or advertisers, have given to us; provide content, services or custom advertising, targeted or location-based, either from us or from third parties; allow you to import information about you or your contacts from other sites and applications or export your data to other sites or applications; contact you about updates to the functionality or provide you with general information or related services, including important security updates; send you additional communications, information and promotions concerning the application, such as newsletters and professional advice bulletins; provide our Clients with information about yourself and your potential interest in ad publications; provide products and services to employer customers for them to complete the recruitment process; make suggestions and draw conclusions about you. We can make suggestions, for example, about people you may know or other jobs, products or services that might interest you.

The information in your profile can be used for networking with other members of the community or be visible to employers using ELMEA Consulting sites and applications.
One of our main objectives is to maximize your business opportunities. We may share information we collect with companies in the worldwide ELMEA Consulting group. We do not share information with third parties for direct marketing purposes unless you consent to such disclosure, which is what you are doing by accepting these Terms. We disclose your information as defined below:

1. We share your information with Clients. These companies will have access to your personal information to the extent necessary to perform their functions, but may not share this information with others, or use this data for any other purpose. We retain all responsibility for the shared data.

2. We may disclose information to Clients with your consent.
For example:

(a) if you choose to receive information about any opportunities, services offered by Clients, we send your information to such Clients.
(b) if you chose to receive newsletters, e-mails for commercial purposes and other communications from ELMEA Consulting, and you change your mind, then you can oppose it by sending it to :
By applying for a job or providing your contact information to show your interest in a job offer, you consent to the disclosure of such information to the employer concerned.
We also share with Clients compiled information about site visitors and users of ELMEA Consulting applications. We also compile data on professional qualifications, education, age, level of experience, or other relevant information for offer search. The compiled data does not allow personal identification of users, but can be passed on to Clients or other members of the ELMEA Consulting Group. If we create a site marketed jointly with another company, the information will be kept by both companies and subjected to both their privacy policies posted on each co-branded sites.

3. We disclose information if required by law, at the request of a governmental entity or if, taking into account your interests in privacy and other factors, we believe in good faith that it is necessary to:
(a) comply with legal requirements or with legal process;
(b) protect our rights, our property or our affiliated companies;
(c) prevent a crime or protect national security; or
(d) ensure the safety of the users or the public.

4. We may disclose and transfer such information to a third party acquiring all or part of the activities of ELMEA Consulting, through a merger, consolidation or purchase of all or a large portion of our assets. In addition, if ELMEA Consulting undergoes a bankruptcy proceeding, the said information will be processed in the context of a transaction approved by the court. You will be notified of the sale of all or a substantial portion of our assets to a third party by email or a message displayed prominently on the site.

Important Note about Your CV

When you create or post a CV, we store it in our private CV database: CRM. You are able to control the status of your CV by setting its status by sending us an email to:

Any person authorized to access our private CRM can see CVs.
You can use your private CV to apply online for a position. In this case, your CV will be transferred to the relevant entity of ELMEA Consulting group, who may retain a copy of it or disseminate it to Clients.
We try wherever possible to limit access to our private CRM for legitimate users, such as ELMEA Human Resources Officers, ELMEA Business Managers, ELMEA Managing Partners. We are not able to control the use of the CVs by Clients. Once your CV is disclosed, ELMEA Consulting is unable to recover them from the third parties who have viewed it.
You may remove your CV from our database at any time. However, keep in mind that anyone who viewed your CV may have retained a copy for its own archives or databases. Consequently, you must ensure that your CV does not reveal any sensitive information, particularly regarding your personality, or any other data that you do not want to make public.
If you provide a referee’s contact information, it is your responsibility to ensure that this person is duly informed and has given his, her or their written consent.
The CV that you send us should under no circumstances contain sensitive information, including your (i) racial or ethnic origin ; (ii) political beliefs ; (iii) philosophical or religious beliefs ; (iv) membership of a trade union or a political party; (v) your physical or mental health or genetic profile; (vi) your addictions or sexual life ; (vii) your criminal history and penalties or fines ; (viii) your background in terms of improper or illegal conduct and the penalty imposed; or (ix) your social security number or national identification number. If your CV contains such information, you consent to distribute it at your own risk. We are not able to control third party access concerning the said information or data.
You can access, correct, update, modify or delete the information at any time in your profile or your CV. You just need to send us an email to : dataprotection@ELMEA-consulting.comand ask for the desired changes.
If you want to remove or completely close your account or your profile information, please click here to contact us.
An email will be sent to confirm the deletion of your personal information (except an archived copy, which neither you nor any third party will have access by the Internet). This archival copy will be retained as long as necessary for auditing and recording purposes.

If, as a candidate, you have posted a public CV on ELMEA Consulting website, your CV is likely to be removed from any search results. Before removing your CV, you will receive an email from us systematically.


It is your responsibility to keep your username and password secret.
ELMEA Consulting applies appropriate security measures to protect your personal data against accidental loss and against unauthorized access, use, modification and unauthorized distribution. However, given the fact that Internet is an open system, we cannot guarantee that unauthorized third parties will fail to defeat those measures or use your personal information for improper purposes.
If we decide to significantly change the content of this Privacy Policy and if required by law, we will contact you at the email address mentioned in your profile. We will also post the changes in a prominent notice on the Web site.

For any question or request about our practices regarding privacy, you can always contact us by mail at the following address or by email:

Data Protection Department
500 Avenue Louise
1050 Brussels
email :

We will endeavour to answer your questions or resolve your problems in a timely manner.
You can disable or enable JavaScript through your browser settings. If you disable JavaScript you will not be able to use certain features of the website.
Entry into force: 14 June 2014.


Terms of Sale

COS – Conditions Of Sales – Advisory


1. The object of ELMEA Consulting Group, which publishes the following websites:, is to advertise job and training offers, and to be the means of support or any communication in the human resources and training environment, without restriction.

2. Any violation of the general terms and conditions of sale and of settlement and more generally, any advertising deemed contentious, offensive and likely to interfere with the running of our website, shall entail the immediate suspension of services and posting of said advertisement online. Similarly, any advertising that harms the financial interests of ELMEA Consulting Group or by nature entails a contradiction with more general interests of ELMEA Consulting Group or entails a violation of the legislation in force, could be refused, cancelled or suspended. It should be pointed out that the job or training offers will have to be in compliance with the legislation under the Labour Code. Finally, any use of elements, purchased in the ELMEA Consulting Group database, contrary to the law, morals and decency and more generally the respect to privacy will lead to immediate suspension of access to this database, and possible prosecution.

3. The orders for services placed with ELMEA Consulting Group, must be clearly materialised by an advertising order placed at least 24 hours before the date of the application for the provision of the service, in the form of an e-mail, a fax, a letter or contract signed by and between the parties. In this connection, ELMEA Consulting Group declines all liability in case of attrition of the networks, connections or transmissions of data.

4. The Applicants shall provide ELMEA Consulting Group all necessary information for the accounting, financial and commercial monitoring to identify it in his relationship tool with the Clients.

5. ELMEA Consulting Group reserves the right to grant professional discounts or agency commissions and to remunerate business providers by all legal means available.

6. All disputes between ELMEA Consulting Group and its Applicants shall be referred to the Luxembourg Commercial Court.


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